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Where It All BeganOn January 25th, in the winter of 1963, Ralph B. Loucks sent a letter to individuals of substance and/or otherwise well recommended. It represents the beginning of the long and rich history of That Downtown Motorcycling Group called the Streeterville Scramblers.P.S. $5 in 1963 = $35 in 2009.

Club Mascot - Ma ScramblerAs individuals of substance, a club mascot needed to be selected and proudly displayed at all board member meetings. It was decided that Ma Scrambler best represented the club spirit of adventure and mystery.

Honda InvitationIn the early days of the club, motorcycling had a "Bad Boy" image. The American Honda Motor Co. Inc. and the Streeterville Scramblers worked hard to change this perception. Since "You meet some of the nicest [Scramblers] on a Honda", they were invited to a special reception where they met Mr. Soichiro Honda and other high level executives of the company.

Sierra SafariWhile astronauts McDivitt and White were orbiting the Earth for four days, 16 Streeterville Scramblers went into their own orbit. Riding Harley Davidson "Sprints", the Scramblers went on a ride thru California's Sierra Nevada mountains. Here are the highlights of the Sierra Safari featured in the August 1965 issue of "The Motorcycle Enthusiast". (14MB)

The Suzuki are "In"In the summer of 1966, 19 Streeterville Scramblers participated in the creation of a movie sponsored by U.S. Suzuki Motor Corporation. For the movie, Suzuki provided fourteen X-6 "Hustler's" for the 1200-mile trip.The "unusual band of millionaire motorcycle enthusiasts" rode through Rocky Mountain National Park and other areas of Colorado. Read this article published in the 1966 October/November issue of Suzuki-Yaki magazine detailing the movie and the trip.

Streeterville Scramblers 1967 DirectoryIn April of 1967, there were already 96 members in the Streeterville Scramblers. Here is the complete directory, including "Competition Rules" for motorcycle racing.How many people know Soichiro Honda was a Streeterville Scrambler? (See page 10)
Interestingly, the directory says that the club was organized in 1961. This conflicts with the letter shown above. Can anyone shed any light on this anomaly?

Streeterville Scramblers, LTD 1969 BY-LAWSIn April of 1969, here are the club's nine Board of directors, as shown in the club's BY-LAWS.

West Coast ScrambleThis April 1972 issue of United Airline's Mainliner in-flight magazine chronicles an adventure the Streeterville Scramblers took from Seattle to San Francisco. Outfitted with Kawasaki 500cc Mach III motorcycles provided by Kawasaki, the Scrambler's enjoy their trip down the west coast.

Kawasaki Mach IIIThe original product brochure for the Kawasaki Mach III motorcycle the Scramblers rode on the West Coast Scramble in 1972.

The Scramblers - Not Your Usual Cycle ClubWhile the US was still recoiling from the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island, the Streeterville Scramblers were having a blast of their own. The Scramblers went on a ride thru the Colorado Rocky mountains. Here are the highlights of the Rocky Mountain Ride featured in the June 1979 issue of "Rider " magazine. (4MB)

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