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April 4, 2015


It is a great honor and privilege to serve as the next president of the Streeterville Scramblers. I'd like to start by thanking Howard Tiedt for his 4 year tenure as president of the club. Howard's leadership has left the club in a great position for a long and prosperous existence.

As president, I intend to send "The Scrambler Digest" at least once a month to keep the membership informed and involved.  I figured using two double entendres would make a great name for this précis.  So let's begin:

Scrambler Banquet:  On March 21st nearly 40 Scramblers and spouses met at the Hotel Baker in St Charles. I'd like to thank Howard and Susan Tiedt for organizing such a memorable event. Everyone present had a great time.

New President: At the banquet Howard announced he was stepping down as president after 4 years of service. He then introduced David Young as the next president, and as has been our tradition, passed the portrait of "Ma Scrambler" to him to proudly display in his home.

2015 Board:  As president, the first order of business is to introduce the slate of officers and directors for the Scramblers 2015 board. They are:

  • President -  David Young
  • Activities - Bill Milam
  • Secretary - Ann Willey
  • Treasurer - Roger Ensminger
  • Director - Bob Karr
  • Director - Howard Tiedt
  • Director - Barry Willey
  • Director - John Young

2015 Directory:  A new and updated Streeterviille Scramblers Directory was distributed at the banquet. Pick up your copy on the Virgin Voyage ride.

Virgin Voyage:  It seems like it's been a long winter.  Get that bike ready and join us for the Virgin Voyage on May 3rd. A flyer with more details will be posted to the website shortly.

Memorial Ride:  In early June, John Young is putting on memorial ride for lifetime member and good friend Curt Gonstead.  This ride will be in southwest Wisconsin on some of Curt's favorite roads.

Website:  Always check the club's website for the latest news and events.  It is always kept current with future events and provides an archive of past activities.  Plans are underway to update and improve the website and will be released in the coming 

Membership: Our club relies on the support and contribution of it's membership.  This is a great club, but we always need new members to sustain our great heritage.  Get the word out and invite that friend or riding buddy to the Virgin Voyage or another Scrambler event!

If you have an idea for a great day, weekend, or longer ride, contact Bill Milam.  He is finalizing the calendar for this year, and beginning the schedule for next year. 

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David J Young
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