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Curt Gonstead Memorial Ride

July 8, 2015

Windsong - Curt's residence designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright understudy

On an overcast and cool Saturday morning, over 45 Scramblers, Gonstead family members and invited guests met at "Windsong" to celebrate and remember our long time friend Curt Gonstead. As you first enter the driveway, you are struck by an the impressive multi-story home that looks like something Frank Lloyd Wright would have built. In fact, one of FLW's understudies did design it, which explains the architectural similarity. 

Everyone parked their bikes and met in Curt's modest garage/museum behind the house. Here was Curt's most favorite Motorsport treasures. He loved cars just as much as he loved bikes, and in fact could have been a highly successful race car driver. But Curt chose to raise a large family, nearly all who were present for this gathering. Everyone marveled at Curt's "cool" toys and other memorabilia hanging on the walls.

Later, everyone gathered in a circle and shared their favorite story of Curt. Founding member Bob Shaw probably had the best story: The first time Bob met Curt, Curt let him ride his brand new Ducati road bike only to crash it! Despite this unfortunate event, they went on to become very good friends and Curt became a fellow Scrambler.

Finally we all set out on our bikes and cars to drive some of Curt's favorite roads in southwestern Wisconsin. And fantastic they were!  Leave it to Curt to ferret out some of the most scenic and fun roads in the entire region.

I'd like to thank John and Kathy Young for organizing this splendid ride!  And I'd like to especially thank Marleen for opening up "Windsong" for the Scramblers.  Finally, I'd also like to thank the entire Gonstead family for joining us for this very special ride. 

David J Young

Scramblers, Gonsteads & invited guests

Scramblers, Gonsteads & invited guests

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